A note about revisions

Revisions are the way I batch and code small changes to the designs. The revision codes usually reflect very minor changes to the PCB which don't affect the sound of the pedal, everything still passes the same super tight electronic QC testing. Usually I am revising the design to make builds easier and more reliable, and baking in small fixes for outside use-cases. To date we have not had a major revision to any pedals, I will update this page if/when that changes!

EUNA is currently at Rev E.

Rev A was not released.
Rev B was a prototype run of the first 15 pedals, hand-painted chassis.
Rev C was the first publicly released version.
Rev D was a minor PCB revision, no change to layout or circuit. The LED manufacturer changed something and these pedals have a more blue than blue-green LED appearance.
Rev E was another minor PCB revision to make the SMT process more reliable, and the LEDs were corrected back to the blue-green appearance that I like. There was also a small change to correct for a component supplier change.

OAMP is currently at Rev E.

Rev A was not released.
Rev B was not released.
Rev C was the first public release.
Rev D was not released, all PCBs were updated to Rev E before shipping.
Rev E was a very minor PCB update to make the SMT process more reliable and correct for a change by a component supplier.