FLWR Deeper dive and suggested settings

Let's take a deeper look at FLWR's settings and how to find your favorites.


This is a good place to start, 3B0.

At minimum gain and maximum level, this is close to unity gain and relatively clean with a little low-pass. As you add gain it will will warm up, you can trim the level back as you do so to find your sweet spot. The clipping diodes are out-of-circuit.


This is a higher-gain starting point, 2A0.

It's full without being too dull, with a nice shape to the top end. The non-linear gain control really shines here, it warms up as you add gain. The clipping diodes are out-of-circuit.


This is a very warm max-gain starting point, 1A0.

As the gain goes up it gets close to classic fuzz territory. At lower gains this setting is great when following a treble boost or other boost pedal. The clipping diodes are out-of-circuit. 


A brighter, mid-forward starting point,3C0.

Great for leads and chord melodies, Excellent for humbuckers.

2B0 2B0 is medium-crunchy, with good interaction with clipping diodes. Great for chord stabs and dynamic playing.