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Believable Audio Lunchbox-style Power Supply

Believable Audio Lunchbox-style Power Supply

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This is a small, lightweight power supply offering +/-15V bipolar rails and a +48V unipolar rail. It is intended to power "lunchbox" style modules, but can be easily repurposed for almost anything. The +/-15V rails supply 2.5A each, the +48V rail supplies 250mA. Uses a standard 5pin XLR connector, the pinout is indicated on the supply. Follows the lunchbox convention. These were sourced for a previous project and are now available for you to buy! Limited quantities, once they are gone we won't be ordering more or offering a replacement. This supply is great for DIYers and hobbyists who want to experiment with bipolar rails easily, as well as powering your lunchbox.

Universal AC input, switch-mode supply

About 5.75 x 3.5 x 2 inches

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